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JB by Jerome Boateng 선글라스



렌즈 색깔


렌즈 폭

  • 15 mm - 49 mm (4)
  • 51 mm - 56 mm (13)
  • 56 mm - 75 mm (7)


  • 350 HRK - 799.97 HRK (7)
  • 799.97 HRK - 1,200 HRK (5)
  • 1,200 HRK - 2,499.97 HRK (11)
  • 위 3,500.03 HRK (1)

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JB by Jérôme Boateng
Edel-Optics exclusive
Get the new trendy spectacle fashion brand straigt out of Germany of World Cup winner and style icon Jérôme Boateng exclusively at Edel-Optics. Take a look at our online-fitting and check out which JB suits you the best.
JB a brand is born
Making of TV-Spot

JB - signature Eyewear by Jérôme Boateng

  1. The name Jerome Boateng lends itself to a host of superlatives. As a soccer player he won the 2013 Triple with Bayern Munich, and in 2014 he became world champion in Brazil.
  2. Even off the field Jerome Boateng always causes a sensation with his distinctive style. From a tailor-made suit at a gala dinner to a casual street look in the city – Jerome Boateng is always characterised by his flair for edgy outfits. The Bayern star has established eyewear as a central part of his unmistakeable look. He makes it clear that eyewear is not only there for better vision, but can also be the optimal complement to your outfit.
  3. In Edel-Optics, Boateng now has a retail brand at his side that is 100% aligned with this vision. In line with its slogan SEE AND BE SEEN, the brand addresses fashion and lifestyle-oriented target groups. The glasses will thus be unreservedly positioned as a fashion accessory and prestigious statement via appropriate brands and trends.
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대상 JB by Jerome Boateng 선글라스

He is considered one of the best defenders in the world. And Jerome Boateng is just as uncompromising when it comes to his style as he is on the soccer field. It’s not for nothing that the world champion was voted “Best Dressed Man 2015” by GQ magazine. *

With a team of eyewear designers at his side, Boateng was able to realise his vision of launching his own eyewear collection designed according to his ideas. The soccer star’s well-known fashion expertise and sense of style came strongly into play in the process. The result speaks for itself.* “Defend Your Style”, the motto of the collection, underlines the claim to which Jerome Boateng and Edel-Optics have committed: JB glasses are a statement for individuality and uncompromising authenticity. They represent a fresh design and modern elegance. *

Only the highest quality standards are used for every eyewear component. The premium workmanship of JB eyewear easily competes with international designer brands.

Signature eyewear by JB is exclusively available only at Edel-Optics.

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